About Optimum Graph

It's All About Image

How someone finds your website on the internet is via two ways. It is either from using a search engine like Google or Bing, or as more and more people use Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, through social media.

For a successful online business you cannot ignore the power social media has in reaching our potential customers. Social media sites main driving force is allowing us to post and share in our newsfeed or on our business page, and people love to share great images.

The only thing missing with Shopify is the ability to easily control and change your website share images, especially for your homepage, products and collections.

Making First Impressions Count

You only have a split second to make a lasting first impression while someone is scrolling through their newsfeed looking at what their friends and other businesses have shared. You need a competitive edge to make your share images stand out from the crowd and that is what we help you achieve.

Our Story

Optimum Graph was developed out of running a Shopify website for over 2 years and not being able to set a share image for our homepage or share products with our 60,000+ Facebook fans. Our product share images would either be a small thumbnail image or cropped and partially cut off.

We did change our website after 3 years from another e-commerce platform to Shopify and I am so glad we did, however, we were able to set custom share images using the previous platform. After researching articles, using apps and trying many tricks on custom Shopify share images, with none of them really working, I developed Optimum Graph.

A Play On Words

Facebook and Twitter use what is called open graph metadata to display share images, titles and descriptions. Developing a theme customization for Shopify that maximises this metadata is how the name Optimum Graph originated.

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