Make Your Brand Stand Out From The Crowd

Make Your Brand Stand Out From The Crowd

Welcome to our first blog post on Optimum Graph. This blog is designed to provide Shopify website owners and managers insights on how to make their brand stand out from the crowd and maximise social media engagement with share images. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words as they help us conjure up specific feelings and emotions with our audience. As much as we don't like to admit it, image is everything. This is especially true within the realms of social media as one of our main sources in maximising our website and business exposure.

Making a Lasting Impression

Robert Kramers mentions in his article 7 Ways To Optimize Your Content And Maximize Social Media Shares that it’s no secret people want to share great content. He also explains that even the best content in the world can still fail to find social media success if it isn’t written and optimized with sharing in mind.

As more and more people turn to social media as a form of entertainment we can also add that people love to share great images. The infographic below highlights the importance images have in boosting engagement on social media.

Images on Social Media Boost Engagement

image courtesy of Salesforce

Optimizing your website shares is crucial if you want people to share, make them stand out from the crowd and boost engagement. You have two chances to make a lasting impression, the share title and share image. Both of these stand out predominantly within everyone's newsfeed.

Does Share Image Size Matter?

Managing our Shopify website we often spend a considerable amount of time updating our products, writing blogs etc from either a desktop or laptop computer. Mainly because it is easier for writing and it is usually where we have our images saved. It is also the most likely place we share our website onto various social media networks. 

If this sounds like you, We Are Social in partnership with Hootsuite produced it's Digital In 2017 Overview showing mobile use has now overtaken desktop and laptops combined as the main source of web traffic. As website owners we are already aware of mobile traffic from our own statistics. What we need to focus on with our website shares is these mobile users are also accessing Facebook and Twitter via their mobile device.

Share of web traffic by device 2017

image courtesy of We Are Social

Facebook and Twitter have two distinct ways in displaying shares with either a small or a large thumbnail image. The size displayed depends on the information Facebook and Twitter have scraped from your website metadata about your image and it's dimensions. If you view a small thumbnail share image on a mobile device it is easy to miss and scroll past compared to a large thumbnail share image which spans the width of a mobile screen.

So does share image size matter? Considering the statistics above it is imperative that our website share images now more than ever are optimized for mobile devices and display as large thumbnail shares.

Make Your Share Images Stand Out

As with most Shopify stores our product images are more uniform, usually square or portrait dimension. This is perfect for our website but trying to share those same images as large thumbnail shares is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, or in this case a rectangular hole.

The solution is in uploading independant share images to Shopify with the correct dimensions, ensuring our images are more engaging and stand out on Facebook and Twitter. From a social media marketing perspective, images that are more personal and visually appealing help boost engagement, attract more shares and ultimately website visitors.

Thanks for reading our first blog post, I hope this has given you some insight into the importance of share images and why it's necessary to maximise this often overlooked resource from our Shopify website.

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