10 Key Website SEO Elements

10 Key Website SEO Elements

If you want higher organic traffic and people to buying from you, the goal of these 10 SEO elements is to make high quality content for your website that Google will love and your customers will share.

For a well established website, revisiting previously published content and working on implementing a few of the elements outlined in infographic below is better than implementing none.

The 10 SEO elements covered in this infographic are:

  1. Relevance and context
  2. Content length
  3. Images and video
  4. Grammar and spelling
  5. Readability
  6. Formatting
  7. Expertise
  8. Social media shares - I discuss this after the infographic
  9. Internal and external links
  10. Quality of comments
    10 Key Website SEO Elements Infographic
    image courtesy of: Quick Sprout

    #8 Social Media Shares

    Although social media is great at driving traffic to our websites, we fail to integrate our website with the various social media channels through which we communicate. This is largely due to a majority of templates just slapping share buttons on each page or by using another app - whether they work or not.

    Your website should play a pivotal role for social interactions that drives conversations across multiple social networks, allowing users to interact with friends, whether buying shoes or sharing an article.

    But, depending on how your social media buttons are implemented, they can quite often be annoying by adding visual noise and distracting when trying to purchase an item or read content.

    Key points for social media share buttons are:

    • Only include share buttons on pages that you want users to share - e.g.  product pages, collection pages and articles. No one is going to share your privacy policy or terms of service page. 
    • Don’t litter your website with multiple share buttons that just clutter the page and annoy users.
    • Give your users a chance to read something before they decide to share it by placing share buttons below your content.
    • They arguably help with search engine optimization, driving traffic from social media sites to your website. If your share buttons don't work as intended, either remove them or fix them. Poor quality shares do reflect upon your website.

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